Emotional Healing

Return to inner peace with simple and effective self-therapy techniques. Transform your life through deep emotional healing. Listen to your heart and live the life you love.

About Fiona and Frederik De Vos

Fiona De Vos simplified the powerful trauma therapy and emotional healing technique Brainspotting into Freespotting in 2017. After some Brainspotting therapy sessions in New York City and doing Brainspotting/Freespotting on her own, she healed long-standing traumas and underwent major positive changes. She was then invited to give talks about her healing journey and experiences at the University of the Philippines. She also took a Brainspotting course, gave one-on-one healing sessions, and did further research on emotional and trauma healing with her husband Frederik.

Frederik De Vos created an emotional healing course, integrating Freespotting, Parts Work and other healing techniques. More details in the course below.